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Can I just say, the scene with Jemma, after you watched anime and slept in the same bed, was hilarious and seemed so true to life. My congrats on one of the best scenes in Adult VNs!

11.59 gb free still won't work, any ideas?

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I can't start this game, help me :)

Just a general comment, as I have just downloaded the game, but I have realized that while I use the same name for every MC in every game, the character looks the same as well, so I feel I am playing the same character in every way in every game, 18, tall, slim, and "jagged" short hair, dark!

I really enjoyed the game.  I cannot wait until the next episode comes out.  Thank you

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Installed on Android 12 10.55gb free still won't open please help.

Now at 12mb free still won't open

According to the Android section of the warning area you need ten gigabytes free. Not megabytes. gb not mb

Sorry was a typo 12gb is what's available 


ETA on next update? love this game


can someone give me a good preg game

sisterly lust

REALLY wanna play this but alas, the moving scenes are too much for my old laptop and its ridiculously laggy. very sad

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If i Look under Downloads it says ripples-0.4.6

Once i Install it and Open the Game it Shows ver 0.4.5 at the bottom of the Screen. Is this Just a Bug that he says 0.4.5 even if it is version 0.4.6 ?

I play on Android but also have a PC. Now to my second Question: Is the Game only remastered for the PC Version ? Because the Windows and mac Version says Ripples Ep1 - RM ( RM probably Stands for remastered If i understood it correctly ) but the Android Version doesnt have the RM in the Name. And i already played once through it in Android but i would Like to Play the RM Version so my Question Is it also Remastered for Android or only on PC ?


My two cent question but how is this harem avn when we have to choose between lis? Not getting ending with side character is okay or choosing between two side character,but you can't say an avn, harem ,when you have to choose

And what does even pregnancy tag means here?don't tell me the girl who were pregnant in past is a lis,i ain't raising another bastard spawn,she can keep it.

When you watch anime with Jessica, which series is it?


The anime is Grisaia series, specifically the main series, composed of two seasons and a special. Grisaia no Kajitsu, Grisaia no Meikyuu: Caprice no Mayu 0 and Grisaia no Rakuen. The work is based on a visual novel of the same name, and it is available on steam. I recommend watching the anime. There is, a "sequel", albeit with new characters and changing the focus of the story. I don't particularly recommend it, but anyway.


Just to let you know guys, this VN is heavily inspired by the TV show DARK from Netflix. If you know the plot, you can easily guess what will happen in this game. Nice game though. 

is there pregnancy

Dumb question and maybe minor spoilers.

What anime is that they are watching together? I can't for the life of me remember.

IIRC, Highschool DxD

That's what they were watching in bed together at the end of act 2? Also phenomenal game. Played it through a few times.


Whens episode 5 coming out. I so want to know what happens next

This was the first time playing this game for me and holy moly! 

The story is well written and keeps you interested into discovering more and choices actually impact future dialogues, althrough in some cases you are forced into an event that progress the plot (i.e. when exploring the power plant tunnels).

About characters: Their personalities are a bit cliché, though through the eyes of the mc, I see all of them as people before being women. It's a nice thing that helps coping with the fact that literally everyone is ready to jump on mc's penis.

Among the female cast though, my fav one is Jenny. She's like the better version of Alyssa, who is imho too shy. 

Might be that Jenny's path is written in more detail (maybe the choices I did, focused less on some other girls) but I enjoyed her scenes a lot (talking about dialogues in general, more than the nsfw parts). Also, her last scene on chapter 4 gave me the same vibes as when in Life is Strange you have to decide between saving Chloe or Arcadia Bay. 

Anyway, I hope there'll be a chance to save Jenny by bringing her to the future or something - unless, of course, she's the shit-ninja, in turn making me wonder about a certain readhead's (I don't remember her name) role in all of this.

On another note, dialogues with Darci are something else, lmao.

In general, the game is a little gem, going from sounds to animations (some of them are funny, like Kira swinging her boobs in front of you as a punishment), so I highly recomend playing it.

Lastly, a silly question for the devs: I don't know how long ago the project started, but in chapter 3(?), during the ice cream scene, the mc thinks to himself about Daphne clearly wanting to hop on his pogo stick. Is this a quote to the song "Pogo" by Diplo and Bbno$?


Holy shit! Dude, the story, characters, (Darci and Skylar are the best imo) music and sounds, animations and the tone of the game is phenomenal! Choices does affect and I didn't mind that at all. Definitely is landing on my top 10. Highly recommend it. 

I didn't want to forget the several VN easter eggs in the game. On of them being Judy (character from Once in a Lifetime) in the cellphone shop with Delilah (from Deviant Anomalies). I also recommend those games. 

I can't wait for Episode 5. 


Is Judie from Once In a Lifetime making a cameo appearance?

do you need multiple playthroughs to unlock all scenes?


Why is it that when I find a good game with nice reviews and when I try to download it it takes me to the MEGA crap that shit is so confusing 😭


hey, this game is great the animation is so good and the story. time travel i did not expect that. keep up the great work. I'm loving it!!!

How many ~'hours' of gameplay is available right now?

I'm really interested, and don't want to get disappointed by waiting for content early on.

(I'll be able to schedule gameplay)



well that all depends on how great your stamina is, and how long it takes you to clean up between scenes.

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tbh, I used to 'run out of stamina ' a year ago, but, I only play these games for the plot nowadays.

I will of course read all dialogue, even in some hot scenes, but I'll refrain from playing 'other types' of games ; )

I've already have a 'system' on when I play which game.

I've been enjoying it so far.   : )

Thanks, keep up the great work.

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Android version size is getting larger and larger.Will there be a solution for this?I can hardly fit it in my android.Plz do something  about it bro😢😢🙏.


Dude, Jestur, I hate you. Dark is my favorite TV show. Fucking love this VN. Can't wait for more.




I'm a fanboy of Back to the Future and I wasn't expecting this game to have such a plot, I went in completely blind and I have to say that this game made me smile like a little kid again, without a doubt this is a 10/10 for me. 

Can't wait to see what's next and having finished the update just now, I'm going to replay the game again on the same fricking day.

You guys keep rocking, best wishes to all of you involved in this project! Godspeed you beautiful people.

Thanks, Cevanth. Your comment put a smile on my face and give me the boost I need to keep grinding on the part I'm working on. I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far! 

bro i need a update! when is episode 5 coming out if there is a estimate?? th

You can check my discord or become a patron for a more detailed progression on the next update status. But I'm working away on the next update, but it's probably going to be a couple of months before it's released. 


Stop using unsupported download sites

Here are Itchio's compatibility guides:  

Please use a supported method, so updates can be downloaded directly through the app.


I would but the game is too big to be uploaded onto itch. Before this update, that's exactly what I did, but the last update went over 4GB limit so I couldn't use itch any more. Sorry 😞


I've downloaded files larger than 20 GB.  Upload it as a zip, if it is too large for butler.


Really great storyline! Will there be an episode 5?


Yeah, there will be an episode 5. And an episode 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.


Such a great job of making likable and believable characters, even with the sci-fi storyline. Excited to see where this goes!!

Are you from Oregon? I noticed the Beavers oriented school


All my homies love Ripples!


Yay! 😄

Nissan! 😱

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Having gotten through before remaster and after, I'm impressed at the changes you've made.  I am really digging the story concept and can't wait for more.

Keep up the good work. 


10/10 its been so long since i found a porn game as cool as this


Alright the VN scene where the dudes spanking it in the shower has been found, i repeat sauce located


This is not that VN. 😅


Man, I love how AVN creators build an entire universe with HoneySelect's 3D models (I don't know if Ripples used HS2, but it's still awesome). Some even make references to each other and that's wonderful!! I love these stories, they make me forget the real world and they entertain me a lot! lmao


Ok story is amazing I'm actually hooked wondering how it all ties together can't wait for more


I can't wait to see how stuff unfolds. One of my favorite ones I've played so far and hope to see more soon!

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